Great Falls

Great Falls Music Teachers Association

As we look back on a year of highlights and new ideas, we are excited about how these will manifest themselves in the future.    Highlights included:

  • our hosting of the MSMTA Fall Conference, MTNA Competitions and Fall Festival, with its amazing facilitators and collaboration with the Great Falls Symphony;
  • our Christmas Stroll “Marathon Recital”, bringing musical cheer to a local annual event;
  • our Spring Festival, which had students, teachers and parents amused as Steven Hesla presented musical concepts to our students; and
  • our Superior Student Recital, to which we invited several non-member teachers to observe and join us for lunch, not to mention
  • our many, varied and wonderful programs throughout the year.

Because our focus this year has been on staying relevant and current in our endeavors as music teachers, we have found that it is time that we re-evaluate how we present our Spring Festival.  We plan to use the summer to solidify how Spring Festival would be conducted with less focus on competition, while offering other opportunities for those students who prefer it.

That same focus is a great prerequisite for our excitement about the Strategic Planning Meeting held in June.  Since we already are in a mindset of adjusting our offerings to students and teachers, we look forward to defining our part in bringing those long-range goals to fruition.

Laura Detrick, GFMTA President